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Draugu stipendija 2015

The goal of the Vītols Fund is to use scholarships to help hard-working, talented, but poor young people to study at one of the Latvia’s universities. More than 180 donors – companies, organizations, funds and individuals, have joined the Vītols Fund establishing their own scholarships to help students.

Thanks to donations of many people 10 students receive the Friends scholarship.

There were 303 young people from all over Latvia who applied for the 2014-2015 academic year scholarships. Among them were 15 orphans, 108 young people from single parent families and 44 applicants from low income families. Nevertheless 40 applicants have outstanding school results, their grade point average is more than 9, and they have achievements in academic competitions at regional and state level.

The size of the scholarship is 1850 EUR per academic year. The Vītols Fund does not withhold an administration fee from the Friends scholarship.

In 2013 in a tragic accident Aivars lost his father. The same year mother was diagnosed with cancer. One year later mother passed away and Aivars with his younger brother became orphans. Aivars is hardworking, talented, capable student, he is one of the best students in his course.  He needs a financial support to become an engineer.

Zane is intelligent, talented girl. Her dream is to become a physiotherapist. Unfortunately hard material situation in her family may become a serious obstacle to fulfill her dreams about higher education. Zane has twin sister. Zane’s father has no parental rights, mother is disabled person and due to her health lives apart from Zane, it is impossible for her to take care of her daughters.

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