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Dog – more than a friend

People with disability are quite often overlooked by the rest of the society and most of the time people don’t even realise how hard some every day life tasks can be for them, because it comes so naturally to the rest.

However, trained service dogs can make a huge difference and immensely improve everyday life to those with visual and movement impairment.

These dogs help their owners to find and pick up their items such as keys, walking stick, hat and slippers. They will accompany their owner while they’re getting to work/home/hospital by finding the usual path, pedestrian crossing, train station or bus stop (they also help them to get on and off the transport). Service dog is trained to avoid obstacles (puddles, poles, trees, cafe terraces, road pits, bins etc.) and to guide his owner to the entrances/exits and staircases and help them navigate around the building (shops, banks, markets etc.).

To those with mobility impairment service dog improves their life greatly by performing tasks such as helping to get on and off the wheelchair, finding and bringing items that’s gone missing or fell on the floor, assisting with dressing/undressing, opening the door as well as switching the light on/off.

Currently TEODORS relies on the kind support of the public that helps to cover all the expenses associated with raising, training and taking care of a service dog. Unfortunately, government does not offer any financial help to the organisation, so only with the generous contribution of the members of public it is possible to provide a service dog to some of those in need. Most often people with disabilities are unable to afford all the care needed in order to maintain their guide dog in perfect health and shape necessary to continue making their lives better for longer.

Please help non-profit organisation TEODORS to continue to provide trained guide dogs to the vision impaired people and those with other disabilities. All the funds raised will be used to cover regular expenses of our 13 service dogs already on duty (cost of food and regular visits to the veterinary). Get to know our adorable service dogs and how they have already improved their owner’s life here:

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