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Do a heart job! 2016

A shelter can’t be home
They were beaten, kicked, burned or simply became tiresome to someone, because they “didn’t match with the sofa”. But… they are still desperately longing for the love and the presence of humans. When a car pulls down at the gate of the shelter, all its 350 inhabitants prick up their ears. Each of 200 barking and 150 purring creatures hope, that exactly today and exactly it will go to a place it will be able to call home. One shaggy friend tries to get noticed by barking and howling, the most emotional ones, with their muzzles pressed up against a wire fence, whine. Even the most independent cats start to purr as soon as a person goes close to the cage. The longing for a human you can call your own, in Ulubele shelter is felt daily, on every taken step. A shelter can’t be home – it is only a temporary stopping point between bad past and bright future. Some stays in this stopping point for only several days, but some – for long years.
All ugly ones should be put down?
The municipality pays and secures the stay in the shelter of any abandoned or strayed animal only for 14 days. In such a short time for most of the shelter inhabitants it is impossible to find an owner. Should an animal be put down after these 14 days? No! In Ulubele shelter we don’t sort animals out regarding their beauty or age. That’s why, in a name of all distressed dogs and cats, we ask for your help to ensure that all shelter inhabitants can await their human well cared for, in safety and warmth.
The funding is necessary for feeding and medical treatment
When the day No. 15 arrives, the sustainment, medical treatment and sterilisation of shelter animals is possible only thanks to your support and donations. The sustainment – feeding, taking care of and socializing - of one animal per day costs approximately 2 euros. To save injured animals, cure ill ones and sterilize them, around 30 euros are needed per each 150 animals rescued every month.

Where and how to donate?
For the project “Do a heart job!” is possible to donate:

  • through website
  • by calling donation phone number 90006083 (1 call = 1.42 euros)

Other ways to help

By visiting us and taking one of the dogs for a walk or by playing with one of the cats. We will be happy to also receive a present:

  • food: canned food for dogs and cats, quality dry food for juniors or seniors, as well as dry treats;
  • new or used walking leash and collar;
  • dry wood or briquettes for animals living indoors to have warm paws during the cold months;
  • blankets, sheets and towels for sleeping places;
  • dry straw for those animals who live outside;
  • waste paper (newspapers, cardboard, magazines, leaflets) as each of our jointly collected tonne means 2 euros to support shelter animals

The biggest support
The happiest days in Ulubele are when someone, after careful consideration, has made a decision to adopt one shelter inhabitant and give to it his/her presence and new home. The new friend then gives in return its paw and fulfils daily life with sincerity and love. Do a heart job! Have a look, choose, come here, decide responsibly and bring home one of shelter inhabitants:

Long-term solution – microchipping
Ulubele is actively collaborating with state and local government institutions and other animal protection organizations to establish strict procedures against irresponsible owners of animals. We stand for a mandatory national program for animal microchipping and saving all data in the national register (LDC), so that no one could no longer take and then facelessly abandon animals with ease.
Help to find strayed animal’s home
On the other hand, if your beloved pet is lost, one of the first places to look for him, is a shelter. After creating free website, Ulubele has obtained that more and more accidentally strayed animals find their real homes. But it’s still a long way to go till absolutely positive results, so we will be very grateful for any voluntary help in leaflet printing and distribution of them in the area where the animal was found. The announcement is easy printed from the website of Animal Police or taken in the shelter in Līči.

See you in the animal shelter in Līči!
More information:, phone no. 20203333

In appreciation of your heart job, the team of Ulubele

The Project is placed online on: 02.05.2016

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