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Wild bees for the Ukrainian army!

3D swarm of wild bees, bringing together more than 100 volunteers in Latvia and elsewhere, has sent aid to the Ukrainian defense army since May 2022 - 120,000 units of 3D printed drone tails and 17 3D printers. At present, this is not enough and additional resources are needed for raw materials for the production of new tails, for the purchase of 3D printers, for the repair of drones, for the purchase of new drones, for training of drone pilots, batteries, generators and constant current charging sources that the Ukrainian defense army will be able to use in Ukraine to successfully protect its country from the attacks by its opponent.

Ukrainian defender army drone units with 3D printed stabilizing tails can more accurately ward off the attacks. One tail helps to hit the target more accurately from a higher point. One drone can stand on the battlefield for an average of 4 days. One euro helps to make 4 tails and extend drone's life by one day. The main thing is to go one step towards our and Ukrainian dream of a free country and justice in the world.

Project is implemented by the society for Support to Ukraine:

Let's help the wild bees fly in the sky of Ukraine!

The Project is placed online on: 22.02.2023 for donations does not charge any commissions or brokerage fees. All the donated money reaches 100% for its intended purpose. administrative costs not covered by your donations.

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