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UAVs for Ukrainian Armed Forces

The Russian terrorist regime continues its day-to-day strikes against peaceful Ukrainian cities with missiles and drones, identifying the civilian Ukrainians and their well-being as the main target of attacks. At the same time, the Russian enemy is intensifying attacks on Ukrainian soldiers who are defending their Homeland, but who are in dire need of various types of unmanned aerial vehicles – FPV-drones, reconnaissance, and attack UAVs.

An ordinary FPV drone can cost up to 1 thousand euros, but its capabilities in protection are extremely large, and such a drone can destroy enemy equipment worth millions of dollars.

The increase in the number of drones on the frontline makes combat operations against the Russian occupiers more technological, which means increased protection for the brave Ukrainian soldiers.

An effective fight against the Russian enemy requires millions of drones for the Armed Forces of Ukraine per year to be produced. By supporting this project, you not only help ensure the safety of the Ukrainian soldiers, but also contribute to the development of the Latvian defense and military industry. Your support will help save the lives of the Ukrainian soldiers and defeat the Russian occupiers.

* The project is being implemented in cooperation with the Embassy of Ukraine in Latvia

The Project is placed online on: 15.05.2024 for donations does not charge any commissions or brokerage fees. All the donated money reaches 100% for its intended purpose. administrative costs not covered by your donations.

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