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Recurrent Help for Jeļena Bolševica

Jeļena is from Riga, she is 34 years old. 11 years ago, when Jeļena was 23, she was heavily beaten up on the streets of central Riga. She had a severe concussion. The young woman was in a coma twice when she woke up her condition was severe. She didn't talk, walk, and couldn't eat by herself. But with consistent rehabilitation, her condition improved step by step. Jeļena slowly regained the ability to eat, talk both in Russian and Latvian, and walk with a quad cane. Although there still are difficulties, they are surmountable.

Jeļena's gait is unstable, she has issues with stability and fears of falling. Because of that, she plans her daily life with her mother, who has supported her all these years. Jeļena likes going to the seaside or spending time by a lake. She is sad that since the misfortune her friends have disappeared. Still, Jeļena has admirable willpower and the desire to be more independent. She wants to walk by herself, without assistive devices, so she needs intensive rehabilitation. Jeļena has diligently finished rehabilitation in Riga's 1st Hospital, where she is praised for her discipline and motivation. This year she needs two 14-day rehabilitation courses, which cost 1200 euros each. Jeļena asks for our support to raise 2400 euros.

Let's help Jeļena!

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