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Almost 60 000 Euros have been donated for the rehabilitation of children


In total, 58 companies from Latvia and other countries took part in the charity campaign by donating a certain amount from each product sold at any Maxima store in Latvia to help provide various therapeutic sessions in the rehabilitation centre "Poga". A total of 57 360 Euros were donated during the campaign, and these funds will help provide 886 sessions for the patients at "Poga".

"We are grateful to all the companies that have participated in the campaign and have lent a helping hand to ensure a better future for the children who need it most. We also want to thank our customers, without which this would not have been possible. The campaign proved that we are all able to contribute to a better future by purchasing everyday food items," says Gundega Laugale, the marketing manager of "Maxima Latvija".

With the support of the company "Maxima Latvija", other companies and the clients the rehabilitation centre "Poga" has become a gift to the children of Latvia in the celebration of Latvia's 100th birthday," Rūta Dimanta, the head of, says thank you on behalf of the children and their parents.

From October 3, 2017, to November 2018, three charity campaigns "There is one button between a person and a good deed" took place, in which 58 Latvian and foreign producers and companies participated. During the campaign, the largest contributors were "Žemaitijos Pienas" (5212.28 EUR), "Vilniaus Pergale" (4390.97 EUR), "ORKLA Confectionery & Snacks Latvija" (4186.57 EUR), "Vilkiškiu pienine" (4132.94 EUR) and "Fazer Latvija" (3981.27 EUR). During the campaign, the best-selling products came from the companies "Žemaitijos pienas" (521228 units sold), "Fazer Latvija" (270741 units sold), "Gaļas nams Ādaži" (251371 units sold) and "ORKLA Confectionery & Snacks Latvija" (243607 sold units).

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