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Make a Child's Dream Come True!

For us, healthy people, it goes without saying to get up in the morning, get dressed, have breakfast on our own, and go about our day. Without the help of others, without assistive devices. But if we lost the ability to walk for a day, we could familiarise ourselves with the feelings of children and teenagers with mobility impairments. Children and teenagers with mobility impairments want to be just like us — to experience the joys of childhood, to fall in love for the first time, and feel independent. Unfortunately, those experiences are denied to them. Instead, there is heartache and loneliness. Most often, they spend their days at home with their close ones. Life happens beyond the window, but not in their lives.

 With regular and innovative rehabilitation, we can help these children and teenagers to become more independent and fit in among their peers. In the projects below, you will find children waiting for our help to receive rehabilitation in the ''Poga'' centre. Let's help make a child's dream come true!


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Current subprojects:

Palīdzība Reinim Teineišejam

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Rehabilitācija 5 gadus vecam zēnam

Palīdzība Aleksam Džonam Kulikovam

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Rehabilitācija 11 gadus vecam zēnam

Palīdzība Albertam Griķim

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Rehabilitācija 14 gadus vecam pusaudzim

Palīdzība Matīsam Baraņņikovam

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Rehabilitācija jaunietim Latvijā

Palīdzība Marekam Stienim

Out of 3 600.00 € donated 1 524.00 €

Rehabilitācija jaunietim Latvijā

Palīdzība Haraldam Semjonovam

Out of 4 951.00 € donated 2 025.30 €

Rehabilitācija 5 gadus jaunam zēnam

Atkārtota palīdzība Kevinam Kļaviņam

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Rehabilitācija 12 gadus vecam zēnam

Palīdzība Oļegam Gavrilovam

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Rehabilitācija 12 gadus vecam zēnam

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