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Help for Elderly People

As modern life becomes busier, old people often become invisible citizens. Old and forgotten people live both in the countryside and in bustling cities. Many of these people spend days in deep solitude, with the conviction that their duty is to die faster and quietly. They do not dare to burden others with their problems, and modesty is their way of life.

Due to low pensions, elderly people in Latvia often find themselves in an unenviable situation and must seek help. Many have families and children who can help, but at times their children do not have the financial opportunities to support their parents. It is the hardest for those elderly people who are alone, without children and relatives.

Many of them have experienced war and carry the experience of the difficult post-war years. Today they feel shame and humiliation when having to ask for help to buy medications, fuel wood, or dentures. Serious situations arise when surgeries are necessary, but the waiting times are too long. For old people, every day lived without pain or with the ability to take care of themselves matters. It is especially dire when illness has made the person incapable of taking care of themselves.

 In these situations, support and care are very needed from us!

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