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Help Children Walk!

For children with mobility impairments, everyday life is full of challenges. They must visit a physiotherapist on top of school, games, and other interests. Even if they don't want to, even if they are tired, even if their friends are calling.

This is because regular physiotherapy provides that the condition does not get worse. But to achieve an improvement, therapy must be done intensively and at home too.

Regular physiotherapy is needed for children with different diagnoses - cerebral palsy, spina bifida, microcephaly, stroke, rare illnesses, and severe traumas from accidents. Unfortunately, the amount of state-funded physiotherapy sessions is not enough. Therefore, the help of others is needed.

In the rehabilitation centre POGA, children with neurological mobility impairments can receive physiotherapy from highly qualified and passionate specialists. POGA is a place where children and parents are understood and loved. Specialists at POGA help children learn new skills and reach new milestones.

The cost of one physiotherapy session is 30 euros. On average, one child needs 10 to 12 physiotherapy sessions a month. In a year, those costs add up to around 3600 euros.  

Let's help children with neurological mobility impairments!


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