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Support for Aleksis Latiškevičs

Aleksis is a seven year old and clever boy. Unfortunately, at his age, Aleksis is not able to sit, crawl or walk, although he really wants to, because he has infantile cerebral palsy. He has suffered from this disease since birth. He was born prematurely and suffered brain damage because of the lack of oxygen. Mentally, Aleksis is completely healthy, but because of his physical disabilities has hindered development. Aleksis really likes to watch cartoons, to draw (as best he can), and to play on the computer. Many functions are not possible, because he does not have a specially adjusted table and chair. He currently dreams of going to school. He has learnt to count to 100. He can recite several poems by heart.

Aleksis’ health can be improved with regular rehabilitation courses.

LVL 4 000 are needed for the rehabilitation.

Let’s help little Aleksis!

For more information about Aleksis, please contact his mother, Svetlana Latiškeviča, by calling: +371 29612965.

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