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Physical therapy for children in Latvia

Together with the people and businesses of Latvia we would like to give a special gift, the gift of the physical therapy center Poga, to children in honor of the Latvian Centennial. invites you to financially support this initiative which will equip Poga with the latest technological equipment and treatments, in order to better help Latvian children and allow for treatment in their home country and native language.

Every child is important for the small country of Latvia including those children who have additional challenges in life – serious illnesses or special conditions. Their hearts also hold secrets and experiences, hopes and dreams and ideas. Special needs children, or children who have been injured, can be trapped in their bodies, unable to express these ideas when their hands and feet don't listen, or they don't have the strength to stand or sit. Their families are a source of neverending love, worry and unwavering support, with parents ready to do everything to help their child have a better future. Latvia cares for these children too, as well as their parents, wishing to do the best for each one.

Your donations will help support the Poga physical therapy center purchase cutting edge equipment, hire internationally trained personnel and help Latvian children.

Poga is a nonprofit fund and partners with the country to bring to every Latvian the latest physical therapy treatments. Poga is located in Riga at 13 Idranu iela and is a partner of

You can also donate to Poga in the donation boxes located in Maxima stores across Latvia.

The Project is placed online on: 01.01.2019

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