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Palīdzība Kasparam Dombrovskim

Kaspars is an active, joyful, and smart boy of the age of six who is actively preparing for school – he has learned to read, to calculate, and he eagerly awaits the moment he will be able to go to school with his friends, participate in various activities, and lead a full life of a child. The boy’s everyday life differs a little from that of his peers because he has a congenital bone pathology of his right leg. Since birth, the boy’s right leg is much shorter than the left one – it has brought both suffering and worries to him and his family.

When Kaspars was at the age of one, an orthoprosthesis was purchased with the help of donors and the State co-financing granted by the Vaivari Technical Aids Centre. Thanks to the National Health Service, surgeries were performed in Germany during which the boy’s leg was straightened and the defective foot was amputated. However, now the difference in leg length is approximately 30 % and the boy has grown out of the existing prostheses.

Up until now Kaspars had a prosthetic foot of wood and rubber but, growing up, the boy becomes more active every day. Because of this a carbon prosthetic foot is needed as it will not only be appropriate for his activities and weight but will also perform the function of an ankle. It would significantly improve the step of Kaspars and would cause less injuries to the spine. The expenses of orthoprosthesis amounts to EUR 7191.62. This special orthoprosthesis and regular visits to specialists in the clinic in Germany over the course of five years will cost a total of EUR 40 000. This amount includes also the expenses for the repair and adjustment of orthoprosthesis as the boy grows up and for consultations with doctors and accommodation expenses. It is a huge amount of money that the family cannot afford, so we all should help Kaspars to live a full life and to be able to do all the things other boys of his age do – play games, go to school, dance, and do sports.

Together we can help him!

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