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Palīdzēsim Sofijai!

Sophie is 16, and she learned about her diagnosis shortly before graduation exams.

The initial symptoms were interpreted to be a result of stress, puberty, and other mundane factors. However, her health began to quickly deteriorate in the beginning of may, which lead to the discovery of an oncological condition. Sophie began her treatment and doesn't lose hope and faith that healing is possible and that her life will turn back to normal again. The girl’s hobby is anime  and to visit Japan one day.

Hepatoblastoma is a rare form of cancer, which doesn't get diagnosed and treated that often  in Latvia. The treatment, which is currently ongiong at the Children's Clinical Teaching Hospital in Riga, will have to be continued at Saint-Luc Children's Hospital in Brussels, Belgium. The costs of the treatment, which include chemotherapy, surgery, rehabilitation, and other measures, may amount to 60 000 euro.

Sophie's parents, Anna and Wadim, ask you to help save their daughter's life. Let's support her on the way to recovery!

The Project is placed online on: 03.06.2019

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