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It all began 16 years ago, when our first volunteers and enthusiasts started to rescue lost cats and dogs from the streets of Riga. We then managed to give shelter to just a few animals. A little while after that, we found a small piece of land with 14 built-in dog kennels, and that's where our first official dog shelter in Riga worked from for several years (in Jugla). 

Along with our daily tasks of saving and taking care of animals, we also worked towards our big dream - to build a new, functional and modern shelter that would correspond to all the animal welfare requirements.

Thanks to donations from private entities and businesses, we finally reached our goal - 'Labas majas'  (The Good Home)  was opened in 2012, where we now can take daily care of more than 60 dogs and 60 cats. 

We've reached our goal but the work goes on. 'Labas majas' still relies on public support as our main source of income. And even though we have several contracts with the surrounding municipalities which covers roughly 30% of our animals, the majority of our work is still financed by public donations. More than two thirds of the animals that enter our shelter have to be financed by 'our own resources' - and that means, by you. 

The individual and business donors have been the backbone of our survival over many years. It is them that have made it possible to continue our important work and help animals in need.

We're incredibly thankful to them. From those first saved cats and dogs, 15 years ago, till today, we've managed to rescue more than eight and a half thousand animals - thanks to you and the public support.

Each of our four-legged friends who's in trouble, whether lost, abandoned, survived a car crash, tied to a tree in a forrest, thrown into a bag for drowning or just thrown out to die - can be saved and rescued, but only with your support.

We work hard every day to provide medical help to those animals who are ill or have been hurt, and also carry out routine procedures for healthy animals, such as vaccinations, sterilisation, and de-worming. All of these put a big financial strain on us and without your support we can't carry out our work.

The future of the shelter and continuous support to our animals therefore depends on you - without your help, we are just an empty building…

The cost of keeping and taking care of a dog at 'Labas majas'  is EUR 4 per day.

The cost of keeping and taking care of a cat at 'Labas majas'  is EUR 1,80 per day.

Read more about 'Labas majas' and our work at

If you wish to become a volunteer and help us with walking our dogs, we invite you to attend a one day seminar. More information at

All of our animals - unless they are aggressive and dangerous, terminally ill or suffering - stay with us until we find them a new home.

You can also donate to 'Labas majas' via telephone number 90006687 (cost of the call is EUR 1,42).

The Project is placed online on: 01.01.2015

Project completed 31.12.2015 for donations does not charge any commissions or brokerage fees. All the donated money reaches 100% for its intended purpose. administrative costs not covered by your donations.

It's also possible to make a donation by calling to the charity phone number 90006687*.

* Call charges 1.42 euros, including Lattelecom service charge per call 12.1%. If you can not donate calling from mobile phones, please contact your operator to find out whether your selected tariff allows you to make calls to phones charity. Unfortunately, the prepaid card users are not able to donate to charities by calling the phone.

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