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For a Fed Latvia

Many people turn to every day, asking for support in finding a job to be able to feed their children. These are not alcoholics or deadbeats, but people in their best working years, who are affected by unemployment and economic crisis. Their unemployment benefits expire and new job opportunities are almost nonexistent. Children are raised by families that have the difficult task of explaining to that there will be nothing for dinner that night.

“We just cannot survive, simple as that – we have nothing to eat and nothing with which to pay for the room we rent. I am ashamed that I am so helpless and that I am worthless to the State and to employers. I am ashamed for my child, that his mother is not able to find a job.” (woman, 40 years old).

To support those who cannot afford everyday meals, is turning to others to open their hearts. The Food Bank “For a Fed Latvia” is gathering money to be able to provide monthly food packages to people in need. The cost of one food package does not exceed LVL 8.50 and includes products that will provide families with daily meals – 1 kg of grits or 1 kg of pearl barley, 1 kg of rice or 1 kg of buckwheat, 1.5 kg of oat flakes, 1 kg of grey peas, 0.5 kg of pasta, 2  g of flour, 1 l of oil, 1 can of meat or 1 can of fish, 1 kg of sugar, 0.4 kg of milk powder, 120 g of stock cubes and 30 g of tea.

Who will receive food packages: priority goes to families of the unemployed with children. We specially care for those families that have been affected by unemployment during the last year. Recipients will also be the disabled and the elderly, as well as unemployed people (especially before retirement), whose unemployment benefit has expired, but a new job has not yet been found for objective reasons.

In addition to the food packages, people will receive information about social support, soup kitchens, shelters, humanitarian aid centres, psychological consultations free of charge, recipes and how to use the contents of the food package most rationally.

The delivery of the food packages will be launched in September, informing the contributors about every lat spent and on the content of the food packages. Support will be provided throughout Latvia, cooperation with other charity organisations in the regions and the social services of the municipalities is also planned. Every applicant for support will be evaluated to make sure that support is received by those who need it the most.

Currently, there are more than 130 000 unemployed people in Latvia. Food support will be especially important in the autumn, when the majority of unemployment benefits will expire, but the tax flow to municipalities for social support will decrease. invites food producers and traders to donate food products, which will allow the range of the food package to be extended.

Project implementer: Food Bank “For a Fed Latvia” was established by charity portal in cooperation with regional charity organisations, the Latvian Association of Samaritans, advertising agency DDB and international relations agency Nords Porter Novelli. The project logistics expenses are covered by Soros Foundation Latvia.

Donations can also be made by calling the charity: +371 90006488 (LVL 1).

More information about the Food Bank "For a Fed Latvia" is available at

Food Bank – heartfelt support until Latvia blossoms again!

Project published in the portal: 10 July 2009

The Project is placed online on: 24.11.2014

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