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Families with children who have impairments

Everyone wants to be happy, though happiness means something different to each person. For some it's having a good job, loving partner and children. For others happy is having a successful career. But for more than 1,000 families in Latvia, being happy means the ability to give their children who have impairments every opportunity in life.

Society in Latvia often doesn't make it easy to be a person who has impairments and parents frequently feel that they must fight tooth and nail every day to remove disabling problems from their child's life. It is an emotionally and physically draining battle that can be psychologically and socially isolating. Parents of such children are often overwhelmed with the sense of guilt, weakness and bleak future because support is lacking from governmental or nascent non governmental organizations. It is a massive relief for both the children and their parents if the child is given freedom to move around their home without fear of injury because appropriate modifications have been made to furniture, if the child can get outside thanks to a fitted stairlift and if the children are given independence to feed themselves after a course of intensive physiotherapy. 

By working together we can change society in Latvia to include, not isolate, these children, their parents and carers. Everyone has an important and vital role to play in Latvia, everyone is worthy of love and attention and it is up to us to remove obstacles that impede participation.

Please give generously to help these families! 

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