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Every parent wants what is best for their child and to watch them grow up to be happy and healthy adults. When a child is in pain or when their development is unusual mums and dads get worried. Sometimes the issue is only temporary, but in other cases the symptoms may indicate a serious illness or cause a significant delay in child's development if left untreated. In those situations advice from a knowledgeable and sensitive specialist is needed in order to give the child the best support. Families depend on Dr POGA for help because they know Dr Poga understands and cares for both the parents and the children! 

Dr POGA is a charity program from that provides neurological advisory services to children from all over Latvia. The program provides advice from a highly qualified specialist in child neurology in order to identify problems and get medical treatment in a timely manner.

Dr POGA believes every child deserves the best medical treatment available so appointments with "Dr POGA" for children from disadvantaged backgrounds - those who come from poor, large or foster families, children with functional disorders and children from orphanages - are free for the patients and are paid for by donations. A donation of 35 euros pays for one neurological consultation and a donation of 25 euros pays for one tDCS neurological treatment. Many neurological patients require 10 - 20 sessions for effective treatment. 

Neurologist Dr. Mikus Dīriks works at the health Center "POGA". He has mastered the methodology of tDCS at the Neurocare Academy (Nijmegen, Netherlands), which is one of Europe's leading brain electrical stimulation research institutes. Thanks to the generosity of donors, a DC-Stimulator (NeuroCare Group, Germany) has been purchased for the Center "POGA". Transcranial electrical stimulation of the brain, or tDCS, can only be prescribed after a neurological examination for patients that suffer from the following neurological or psychiatric disorders   -  headache (migraine), dementia, tinnitus and attention deficit and concentration difficulties, autism, cerebral palsy (combined with physiotherapy and / or for occupational therapy) and dyslexia, motor problems after a stroke, speech impairment, lower limb neuropathic pain, depression, fibromyalgia, addiction problems (tobacco, alcohol and other drugs).

Help Dr POGA help children! 

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