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Aquatic Therapy for Children with Mobility Impairments

Tense and painful muscles can ruin anyone's mood and well-being. In those moments, all we want is for someone to relieve us from these sensations. These sensations are permanent for children with mobility impairments because their muscles cannot work sufficiently. Any time a specific muscle does not work, other muscles try to compensate to bring the body back into balance. In the long term, muscle compensation is undesirable because it leads to muscular overload and tension.

To ease muscle tension, the rehabilitation centre POGA offers pearl baths to its patients. Thousands of small bubbles touch the skin, creating a hydromassage effect. The bath has a calming effect, normalising blood pressure, lessening tension and pain, and improving joint flexibility. The small patients happily go to pearl baths, as this therapy is easy and pleasant compared to their daily challenges. For children with mobility impairments, this is an opportunity to switch off from everyday struggles and relax while the pain subsides.

The cost of one procedure is 25 euros.

Let's help the small patients of POGA!


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