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Appeal to help the impoverished elderly

In today's frenetic and materialistic society the elderly often become invisible citizens both in noisy cities as well as in rural areas. A vast majority spend the end of their life in extreme isolation, believing that a quick and quiet death is their inevitable fate. Many don't dare to burden others with their troubles and instead suffer in silence.

Often this silence makes any existing problems worse, and at some point the situation becomes untenable. Thankfully many elderly people still have families or children who can at least respond to the call for help, though they aren't always able to provide the support or solutions needed.  However not everyone has family left and it is hardest for those who are completely alone without anyone living to call.

Many of these individuals lived through the war and the hardships that the post war era brought. They now feel ashamed to ask for help with medicine, firewood or dental treatments and often go without. This can exacerbate problems to the point where major interventions are required which take a long time to be addressed because the wait for government funded operations can be long.  All the while, the elderly person just wishes to live independently and without pain, with each of those days a gift. With your donation this can change because together we can provide the support and care that the elderly need!


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Appeal to help the impoverished elderly

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