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Bomb shelters for Chernihiv preschools

At the start of the war launched by russia, the city of Chernihiv was besieged for over a month. Chernihiv was bombed and pelted, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of people and destruction of their homes. The region's smaller towns, where life is gradually returning to its usual tracks, also suffered alongside. Since mid-2023, Latvia has been involved in reconstruction projects in the Chernihiv region, helping to prevent the destruction caused by the war.

Owing to the donation of Riga City Council, renovation works are already underway at 6 educational institutions in Chernihiv region to renovate school basements and adapt them to the needs of students during air raid alerts.

Yet the war continues, and, unfortunately, the bomb shelters are still indispensable to protect the very youngest from the constant horrors of war. Air raid alerts continue to sound almost daily, forcing kindergarteners to hide for hours in cold, dark and antisanitary basements.

Preliminary research and deliberate work have been carried out to select 10 preschools of Chernihiv region which are in dire need for repair works in their basements used as bomb shelters:

  • Koryukivka City preschool No. 1 ("Dolphin");
  • Koryukivka City preschool No. 4 ("Rainbow");
  • Borzna City preschool No. 2 ("Teremok"):
  • Kobyzhchan prescool "Forest Fairytale" of Bobrovytsia City;
  • Preschool of the Volodkovodivytskyi Lyceum of Nosivka City;
  • Chernihiv City preschool No. 53, Sofia Rusova center;
  • Chernihiv City preschool No. 68 ("Piznaiko");
  • Pryluky City preschool No. 10;
  • Pryluky City preschool (nursery-kindergarten) No. 26;
  • Pryluky City preschool No. 28, Center of S.F. Rusova.

Let us help together the Ukrainian children continue their learning in a safe and suitable environment!

The project is being implemented in a close cooperation with the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Latvia and the Olena Zelenska Foundation.

The Project is placed online on: 12.02.2024 for donations does not charge any commissions or brokerage fees. All the donated money reaches 100% for its intended purpose. administrative costs not covered by your donations.

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