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Lets Help Aldona Redchenko

Aldona is Lithuanian, born and raised in Latvia. She married a Ukrainian. Doctors had recommended a southern climate because of her son's health problems, so 45 years ago the family moved to her husband's native Ukraine. At first they planned to stay for a year or two while their son recovered, but life turned out in such a way that they stayed there for life.

The family lived in a small town in the Mykolaiv region on the Black Sea until the brutal Russian invasion of Ukraine. It was unimaginable. Aldona could not believe it, even when rockets were already flying into the town. When one hit their backyard, Aldona, her husband and their dear, big, beautiful dog, Gina, left for Moldova, hoping that the war would soon be over and they could return home. But they didn't. Aldona's brother, who lives in Liepaja, invited them to come to Latvia. Aldona is grateful for all the help and support she has received, but now Aldona is facing new problems that she will not be able to solve on her own.

Aldona was diagnosed with a thyroid tumour 15 years ago, which was successfully treated, but returned a few years ago. She was treated again. Now, a consortium of doctors in Latvia has prescribed Cabazantinib, an expensive medicines not paid for by the state, which costs €5230 a month. An application has been submitted to the National Health Service, but a reply is still pending. But the disease is not waiting, the medicine is needed as soon as possible. A year-long course requires €62 676. Aldona's family does not have these funds, so she is asking for help. Let's help Aldona! 

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