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Help POGA grow! calls for the rehabilitation of seriously ill children here in Latvia, using world-renowned and unique physiotherapy methods and devices. Together with Latvian people and enterprises we would like to create a special gift for Latvian children on the 100th anniversary of Latvia - Latvian children's rehabilitation centre "Poga"!

Every baby is important to Latvia, also those who have been put to the test of life with a serious illness. In their hearts they are like any other children with their dreams and hopes, their secrets and worries. What distinguishes them from healthy children is that they are trapped in their bodies, their arms or legs won’t listen, and they can’t walk or sit. Families with such children are facing a huge challenge to provide love, care, and an untiring support. Parents of severely ill children are ready to do a lot to give their child the very best and to see their child getting healthy.

Your donations will help provide the children's rehabilitation centre "Poga" with state-of-the-art technology, internationally trained staff, and the opportunity to help Latvian children.

The rehabilitation centre "Poga" is located in Riga, at 2c Sēlpils Street. The rehabilitation centre “Poga” is a nonprofit foundation and a partner to the state in the implementation of innovative rehabilitation methods. The centre “Poga” is being developed in partnership with

Donations to the centre "Poga" can also be made through donation boxes in the "Maxima" store chain throughout Latvia.


The Project is placed online on: 01.01.2021 for donations does not charge any commissions or brokerage fees. All the donated money reaches 100% for its intended purpose. administrative costs not covered by your donations.

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