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For Families in Poverty

For families with children, especially single-parent families, it is the hardest to overcome poverty. There are families where people struggle to find a job, so they have to survive from social assistance. In some families, their income is too low or insufficient to cover basic needs. In Latvia, there are still children who lack elementary items - warm winter boots, their own beds, or warm blankets for cold winter nights.

Many families are used to living humbly, but if something unexpected happens (illness, job loss, broken boots or a device) it can turn into a catastrophe as they do not have money set aside. In many families, women still wash laundry by hand, they don't own a fridge either. They are not able to save up money to buy new things, they cannot buy things with post-purchase payments. Some families have encountered misfortune and need just a little to bounce back and overcome the crisis. Yet there are also other families, where the parents cannot take responsibility for their lives, are not motivated, and cannot take brave decisions to change it. Still, children love their parents the way they are, and for any child, the happiest childhood is in their own family. Support is also often needed for those strong women, who have left abusers or alcoholic partners. They are ready to start a new life with their children but lack the means for it.

We invite you to support poor families with children. consider every case individually. The donations are used to provide support in buying needed things or solving difficult situations.

The Project is placed online on: 01.01.2023 for donations does not charge any commissions or brokerage fees. All the donated money reaches 100% for its intended purpose. administrative costs not covered by your donations.

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