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28.09.2009 / Project

Support for Tihons Jurjevs

Tihons is two and a half years old, but he can not crawl, sit, or stand up. He was born slightly prematurely and by Caesarean section. His diagnosis is a mixed form of infantile cerebral palsy. Despite the disease, Tihons is joyful and happy, he likes everything that children love at his age – t...

28.09.2009 / Project

Support for Poļina Tihana

Poļina is six years old. Since birth, she has severe movement disorders. Poļina suffers from infantile cerebral palsy. Her hands perform only at 40 % of the norm.
To improve her health and with the support of contributors, Poļina has visited the Clinic “Future” in Odessa several times already. Th...

28.09.2009 / Project

Support for Jekaterina Grudņicka

Jekaterina is 10 years old. She has infantile cerebral palsy.
She is in the 3rd grade. Jekaterina really loves to learn. She has a speech disorder and she finds it hard to communicate with her peers, as they do not understand her. The support of her mother is always needed. Jekaterina can walk wh...

28.09.2009 / Project

Support for Edijs Bondars

Six year old Edijs has autism, severe speech disorders and can says only a few words. He lives in his own world; he really likes cars, but has a short attention span.
Together with his little sister, Edijs and his parents live in Balvi district, Bērzpils; he attends speech therapy kindergarten, ...

28.09.2009 / Project

Support for Diāna Štiļermane

Diāna is nine years old and suffers from a severe disease – infantile cerebral palsy. She has spastic right side hemiparesis with movement disability in her leg. She also has vision problems.
Diāna really loves to draw, play and listen to music. She very much wants to do everything her peers are...


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