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Mummy, I love you!

What would it be like if we woke up one morning and were unable to talk? Were like newborn children who can't say what they want or where it hurts? What would it be like to never hear from your child "Mummy, I love you!, Daddy, I love you!"?

Language is the main communication tool of a person. We think and get information using language, we read books, watch movies, listen to the radio. We express our emotions with language.

When a baby does not speak due to an illness that is from birth or acquired, it breaks parents’ hearts. Although parents learn to understand their child without words, others people do not. A non-speaking child most often cannot enrol in kindergarten and school. Such children have almost no friends, they cannot attend hobby groups and other entertainment unless they are accompanied by parents who are the voice of their child. And also seeing a doctor or being in hospital, the child cannot say what hurts or how he or she feels.

Children who speak but whose language is impaired suffer greatly from it. They mispronounce sounds, mix sounds, and have speech difficulties. Peers often fail to understand and accept them, and they face learning difficulties at school.

Inability to speak or impaired speech can arise due to a variety of causes - autism spectrum disorders, injuries, congenital CNS abnormalities, cerebral palsy, stroke, etc. These children need help. An audiologist is a specialist who performs diagnostics and correction of communication, speech-language, phonation, and swallowing disorders.

There is a charity programme to help families with the audiologist expenses. The price of one session is 25 euros. It is planned to provide support for at least 100 children within the programme, giving more than 1000 sessions in total.

Let’s help children with speech disorders!

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