Where can I donate items?

Maybe there is something you no longer need: toys, books, clothing, hygiene products and many other things. If these items are in good condition and clean, they can begin their second life and be useful to somebody else – to somebody who really needs them.

Find a charity organisation near you and contact them about the delivery of these items!

Charity Shop

If you wish to present a gift that not only gives joy, but also provides much needed support to somebody else, you have the unique opportunity to do so! At the Ziedot.lv Charity Shop, you will receive a special charity gift in return for your donation.

It is also possible to buy and send charity e-cards in the Charity Shop.


If you wish to donate your knowledge, time or work, you can post your advertisement! Your help might be really needed by somebody else. If you can’t find a corresponding recipient in the “Where can I donate items?” section, you can post a message about donating items in the advertisements section. Please indicate your correct contact information so potential receivers are able to contact you.

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Donation Statistics *

Today   342.00 €
In a week   4,235.66 €
In a month   33,102.74 €
Annually   489,802.95 €

* For donations using Ziedot.lv portal on-line


23.05.2014 New charity project
In April 2014 ziedot.lv embarked on cooperation with RBC Europe Ltd. independent car rental broker. Now, from every reservation made through www.economycarbooking.com and www.miravtoprokata.ru a sum will be donated to the charity projects.
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29.01.2014 Let’s save Zane!
Zane is a 32 -year-old woman who lives in Ergli. Only 3 years ago she was active -she loved taking photos, handicraft, travelling, rest by the nature, reading books, cooking which was her profession and a hobby, and we could even say - it was her lif
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24.11.2013 Support for 21st November tragedy victims
Everyone in Latvia is together in their thoughts with victims and their families of tragedy that occurred on November 21st. They are not alone. And they won’t be alone. Because the whole nation is with them and ready to help. Evening of Novem
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